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Our Casino Event Equipment Brings Vegas To Riverside

We specialize in taking the fun of Las Vegas to you – in a spectacular, professional and proven way that is promised to keep your friends talking for a long time. Casino parties are meant to get friends and family excited and forget about the normal everyday jobs at least for one moment. It's an escape that allows you to really let loose and share moments together, which in result leads to closer relationships with other people. If your company is wanting staff members to begin acting more like a team and less as individuals then maybe a casino night is just what you’ve been needing.

Our in-depth and attractive services and offers helps us to assist your company with the best event ever, for a good value to you and your peers. Since this is what we do best, we know how to assist you develop your party and your casino night properly, so you won’t be confused by unwanted and unplanned mistakes. We also work with a several variations of unique professionals who can be contracted to make your party or fundraiser even more unique and unforgettable. Wow your event guests with the talents of a psychic or magician or watch them sing a ballad with an Elvis or Cher celebrity impersonator – there’s no bounds to the whimsical fun that our team can add in your special event. The skilled staff is comprised of specially trained event planning professionals, on-site card dealers and hosts, DJ’s, etc. and together they can put together the most amazing casino event that your party guests will remember forever.

Our team has put on events for individuals and for large businesses so if you are on the hunt for the most experienced casino event professionals then allow us to quote your next event.

Riverside Casino Party Equipment Rentals

Our team members cater to all of your needs – and we never lose sight of the purpose of the event. We have the most up to date Vegas-grade equipment, trained dealers and planners needed to ensure your party runs efficiently and successfully. Make the call as soon as possible to get a competitive estimate!

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